LiveE! Live environmental information of the earth
Towards the autonomous generation, circulation, processing, and sharing of digital environmental information
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What's New
2006.08.31 The Otemachi Marunaka Yurakucho gUchimizuh project 2006 joins the Live E! project. The effect of this water sprinkling campaign was measured in real time using portable sensors.
2006.07.27-28 Holding of the gDevelopment and application of a sensor networkh at the University of Tokyofs Hongo campus.
(For more details see here)
2006.06.07-09 Live E! exhibition displayed at Interop Tokyo 2006 (Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex)
2006.05.31 Talk by Professor Hideki Sunahara at Otemachi Cafe (first floor, Otemachi Building) on environmental problems and using Live E!
2006.05.29 Renewal of necessary conditions for the installation of digital instrument shelters
2006.05 Installation of digital instrument shelters completed at four ward elementary schools with the cooperation of Tokyofs Minato ward
(For details on installation conditions, see here)
2006.04.10 Holding of the Live E! 2006 general meeting. Approval of the 2005 activity report and the 2006 activity plan.
(Materials regarding the general meeting are available here)
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2006.02.15-16 Live E! exhibition (photos 1 and 2) at the Global IP Business Exchange 2006 (Akihabara Daibiru Building)
2006.01 Publication of Professor Hiroshi Esakifs contributory paper on using Live E!, gServer World: Using the Net to understand todayfs global environment,h in the January 2006 edition of Newton.
2005.10.13 Live E! application form, gRegulations Concerning Live E! Activities,h gLive E! Usage Policy for Environmental Data,h and gTerms of Use for the Live E! Logoh made available.
2005.09.22 Renewal of necessary conditions for the installation of digital instrument shelters
2005.06.18 The research topic of the U18 IPv6 Promotion Council was selected for further research by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

This study looks to determine the precise benefits of having educational institutions, such as industrial and vocational high schools, have their students use an IPv6 network, and the benefits from a ubiquitous society that makes use of a whole range of information terminals that includes information appliances. This research theme that was based on building our own information terminal for carrying out empirical research and development was adopted as commissioned research by NiCT. As part of this research it is planned to make use of a weather sensor network included in Live E! activities.
2005.06.11 Exhibited the contents of Live E! activities and weather sensors at Interop Tokyo 2005

For a three day period between 8 June (Wednesday) and 10 June (Friday), these exhibits were displayed at Interop Tokyo 2005 at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex. Data was collated through the Internet from over 20 sites located throughout Japan that were installed with small scale weather units to provide readings for such factors as temperature, humidity, and wind direction. A real time demonstration of this system in action was offered as well as displaying a small scale multi-weather measurement unit ? the Vaisala Weather Transmitter.
2005.05.12 Holding of the Inaugural meeting of Live E!