LiveE! Live environmental information of the earth
Towards the autonomous generation, circulation, processing, and sharing of digital environmental information
What is a digital instrument shelter?
(1) Appearance
Left photograph: Digital instrument shelter (small scale multi-weather measurement unit)/Right photograph: Weather measurement board

(2) Principal specifications
01: Network specifications ? IP version
Available with either IPv6 or IPv4; address can be either global or private (as part of NAT)

02: Protocol ? Between the electronic instrument shelter and the data server
Between SOAP/XML data server and installation personnel ? SOAP/XML, HTML

03: Using a communication interval ? Global IP
Requests are made from the data server every five minutes
When using a private IP data is transmitted from each site every five minutes

04: Types of quantifiable data: Temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction, wind speed, instantaneous rainfall value, minimum and maximum time values for wind speed and rainfall

05: Power source ? AC100V, under 30W (UPS not required)

(3) Installation and operation images