LiveE! Live environmental information of the earth
Towards the autonomous generation, circulation, processing, and sharing of digital environmental information
The conference meeting
Overview: Background and purpose of the conference meeting
(1)@Aims of establishment
The conference aims to construct and develop an gElectronich information infrastructure that can be used in the free sharing and distribution of gLiveh gEnvironmentalh information regarding the wide scope of the gEarthh. This is based on a range of information related to such phenomena as weather and urban activity that can be developed and obtained autonomously from such instruments as digital instrument shelters that have been established and are maintained on both an individual and organizational level. This is in addition to aiming to develop a free and autonomous use for such environmental information and creating a safe and reliable sphere of activity?or environment?that is highly efficient. Starting with such issues as its use in environmental conservation measures, such as in response to global warming, it is hoped that this program will be freely and actively used in a wide range of autonomous areas and settings, such as education, public services, and business applications.

(2)@Background to establishment
In recent years it has become increasingly possible to be aware in advance, as well as making clear the causal connections in more detail, of the frequent abnormal weather phenomena and natural disasters that have been affecting urban activities and civic life?and even related illnesses?through recent developments in sensing devices and information and communication technology.
In contrast to these developments, however, have been changes to urban activities in developed countries and the increasing urbanization in the worldfs heavily populated areas, especially in Asia, where global weather changes are becoming increasingly complex. The Kyoto protocol that was adopted at the COP3 meeting (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and subsequently came into effect in February 2005 includes provisions for the development of measures against global warming. In the future a great deal of change and reform will be needed for any future economic and social activity in such regions. Within this area of great change, Japan, with its recent advances in the spread of broadband technology, has seen the introduction of weather monitoring units (digital instrument shelters) that are equipped with increased connectivity to the internet and continuing efforts to reduce costs while aiming to improve measurement and analysis tools.
Such devices, through integration with add-ons such as web cameras and other devices, allow for high-level weather monitoring and this now also includes data obtained from portable units located on buses and trains that allow for better-quality information over conventional methods and are both more consistent and accurate. Current technology also allows for data to be captured in real time while being installed on the earthfs surface. Analysis and predictions that are made using such technology can have an immeasurable effect and contribution to civic activity, and there is widely-held sense of expectation regarding its use in a wide variety of contexts, from meeting the needs of citizens to dealing with new businesses and services that are actually derived from this technology.
It is hoped that the conference will contribute to the construction and realization of an infrastructure that allows for the free sharing, distribution, processing, and sharing of a variety of digital information related to the earthfs environment through the development of such devices as digital instrument shelters that can be autonomously installed and operated by both individuals and organizations. These devices can then contribute to the future development of new activities in the fields of education, public service, and business and we can expect the creation of a safe and reliable sphere of activity?or environment?that is highly efficient.